Mommy Makeover Surgery (Post-Pregnancy Surgery)

Mommy Makeover Surgery San Francisco is one of the latest trends in post-pregnancy surgery designed to help new mothers regain the figure they had before the birth of their little one.

Most Moms agree one of the best days of their lives is the day they gave birth to their baby. However, pregnancy and childbirth does change a woman’s body. Post-pregnancy surgery addresses these changes.

Breast, arms and thighs that used to be firm and toned now sag and droop. Even with diligent exercise and strict dieting, new Moms still face challenges losing the weight, getting rid of the fat and restoring the muscle tone they had before pregnancy. ┬áThat’s why they get mommy makeovers.

Plastic surgeons now offer post-pregnancy surgery options that help new Moms with all of these challenges.

A mastopexy, also known as breast tightening or a breast lift, is a procedure that lifts and enhances sagging breasts. You can have this procedure with or without breast augmentation, depending on the amount of breast sagging you experience after childbirth.

During pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal muscles and skin stretch to accommodate the baby. After birth, these muscles and skin often remain loose. Many women find that stomach crunches and sit-up exercises only help nominally to firm this area.

An abdominoplasty is a procedure that offers a solution by removing the excess skin and tightening the stomach muscles. This procedure also removes stretch marks and often can be done on an outpatient basis.

Another common post-pregnancy surgery is liposuction. It’s ideal for removing fatty deposits in the upper arms, hips, thighs and buttocks. For liposuction to be effective, you’ll need to lose most of your pregnancy weight before the procedure. Liposuction is best for spot fat elimination and sculpting of targeted body areas.

Many women experience changes in facial skin coloration during or shortly after pregnancy. The medical term for this is chloasma. While perfectly normal, the changes can result in a darkening or blotchiness of patches of skin. Sometimes this coloration fades on its own. However, if the problem persists, your doctor might recommend treatments such as bleaching agents or chemical peels.

Other Mommy Makeover Surgery options include laser treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. Your plastic surgeon might also suggest various non-invasive options for scars caused by a Cesarean section. Dr. Delgado’s Marin County Mommy Makeovers repair tissues damaged during childbirth.

Most plastic surgeons suggest that any San Francisco┬ámommy makeover surgery procedures occur at least nine months to a year after childbirth. This gives the body time to recover from pregnancy and return to a healthy baseline. This includes first implementing exercise and diet plans to help lose weight and regain tone naturally. In addition, it’s important not to rush into post-pregnancy surgery during the first months after childbirth, when the new Mom’s life can be chaotic and emotion-filled.

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