Michael Phelps is "powerless over alcohol"

29-year-old winner of 18 Olympic gold medals

Michael Phelps, conviced of drunk driving and sentenced to 18 months of surpervised probation. Phelps says "The next couple of years are going to be very challenging. I'm very pleased and happy that I have the great support that I have around me,". Phelps was clocked at doing 84 MPH while driving under the influence of alcohol. He was caught crossing double lines of traffic and speeding. His blood alcohol was .14, well over the legal limit.

Phelps was sentenced to 1 year in prison, however his lawyers were able to negotiate a probation instead which involves random drug and alcohol testing. His attorney says Phelps has already completed a 45 day treatment program as good faith and is following a regular after care program. Phelps is also participating in Alcoholics Anonymous which he is attending at least one time per week.

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